The Pick Me Up Foundation


Aaron Reed died at the age of 21 in Buffalo, NY.  He was an accomplished musician.  In his short career, he was a founding member of 2 bands, Runways (2006-2010) and New World Commotion (2010-2014), and also enjoyed success in a solo career.

Aaron lived and breathed music.  He wrote constantly and his lyrics are deep and insightful for such a young man.  He lived meagerly but gave so richly.

The Pick Me Up Foundation was created to provide musical instruments, equipment or other resources necessary to ensure that aspiring musicians are not impeded in their upward progress due to financial constraints.  The Foundation is named after the last song he was working on, Pick Me Up, with his current bandmate in Buffalo.

You can read about Aaron in the Baltimore Sun at:,0,5658162.story

Aaron’s music can be heard here on The Pick Me Up Foundation website under the Songs tab or at Reverb Nation at:

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