Instrument Drive


Do you have a guitar in the corner gathering dust, a bass that hasn’t been slapped in a long time, an amp that hasn’t been distorted in ages or a tuba in your rafters??? If yes The Pick Me Up Foundation will take it off your hands and recondition it  so that it can placed in the hands of the next John Lennon, Robby Takac or Kyle Turner (worlds most accomplished tuba player!   The Foundation held a very successful instrument drive in November 2014 during which over 250 instruments were donated and our deepest thanks to those who donated and help spread the word.  We collect instruments year round so if you have an instrument or know of someone who does email us at and we can arrange a pickup/dropoff.  Due to space limitations we cannot accept pianos but we may be able to hook you up with someone who needs one for a direct transfer, shoot us an email!  Finally if you know of someone who needs and instrument and cannot afford to purchase one please email us and we will work at getting that need filled.

Challenge to our visitors – ask 5-10 friends if they have an instrument, musical equipment etc. that they no longer use and see if they want to donate it. 

  1. Leslie K says:

    Where in Ellicott City are you collecting instruments?


  2. Michael Graham says:

    Do you take small musical organs? I have an organ at my mother’s house in South Baltimore that is old. it does work but needs repair. Would you be interested?


  3. Liz smull says:

    We have an old guitar


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